3 Years Old


3 Years Old

Meet Boo-Boo and Willie, a delightful pair of littermates, approximately three years old, in need of a loving home. Their owner passed away, and we’re dedicated to finding them a forever family that will cherish them.

Boo-Boo is an affectionate companion who loves cuddles, while Willie is a playful feline with a warm heart. Together, they bring double the joy and companionship to their new family.

If you’re looking to welcome two loving feline friends into your home, Boo-Boo and Willie are eagerly waiting. Let them fill your life with endless love and happy memories, giving them the forever home they deserve!


Meet Sophia. This beautiful 5-year-old lab mix was surrendered by her owner. Dr McCallum has spayed her and updated her shots. She is calm, affectionate, and very sweet. This gentle dog loves to go for walks and deserves her forever home. For more information, please call Wycliff Animal Clinic at 913-888-2195.


Honey is a retriever mix. She was found roaming the streets by the Overland Park Animal Control and brought to the Wycliff Animal Clinic. Dr. McCallum has spayed her and her shots are up to date. She is a very sweet, playful dog and very deserving of a forever home. Please contact Wycliff Animal Clinic at 913-888-2185 for more information.