Pet Dental Care in Overland Park, KS

Discover exceptional pet dental care in Overland Park at Wycliff Animal Clinic. Our compassionate team is dedicated to keeping your furry friend’s teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime of smiles.

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Compassionate Pet Dental Care in Overland Park

At Wycliff Animal Clinic, we see pet dental care as a core part of your companion’s overall health and well-being. Alongside your pet’s regular yearly check-ups, maintaining good dental hygiene can significantly enhance your pet’s quality of life while reducing the risk of various health issues. However, neglecting your pet’s oral health can lead to periodontal disease, which may contribute to conditions such as arthritis and impact vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

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When to Seek Pet Dental Care

Recognizing when your pet needs dental care is crucial for their well-being. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Trouble chewing
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to schedule a visit with our skilled veterinary dentist at Wycliff Animal Clinic.

Benefits of Pet Dental Care

Regular pet dental care offers numerous benefits:

  • Prevention of dental disease
  • Improved overall health and longevity
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced risk of serious health issues
  • Elimination of bad breath

Our clinic is equipped with advanced dental equipment to ensure the highest standard of care for your pet, and we prioritize their comfort throughout the procedure.

Key Services Offered

At Wycliff Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive pet dental services, including:

  • Professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup
  • Diagnostic dental exams to assess your pet’s oral health
  • Tooth extractions, if necessary, to alleviate pain and prevent further complications
  • Customized dental care plans tailored to your pet’s specific needs

Trust our experienced veterinary team to deliver exceptional pet dentistry services that prioritize your pet’s health and happiness.

Signs of oral and dental diseases in dogs and cats before/after a dental cleaning at Wycliff Animal Clinic:

Before and after a dental cleaning

The dog's teeth before and after dental cleaning

Before and after a dental cleaning

dental cleaning beforedental cleaning after

Stages of Periodontal Disease

chart of dental

Stages of Periodontal Disease

stages of dental disease

stages of dental disease

Stages of Periodontal Disease (1-4)
Dental staging for dogs and cats
Stages of Periodontal Disease (1-4)

stages of dental disease

stages of dental disease