Pet Phovia Light Treatment in Overland Park, KS

Wycliff Animal Clinic in Overland Park, KS, proudly offers pet Phovia light treatment, a revolutionary therapy designed to promote faster healing and recovery for your pet.

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Phovia Light Treatment

Light therapy gives your pet’s cells the energy needed to heal themselves more quickly, and veterinary research has been able to use this phenomenon for an exciting new treatment method.

However, not all light can effectively speed healing. The light source must be at the right wavelength, distance, and duration to work — and Phovia is designed specifically for pets.

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Phovia can help heal breaks in your pet’s skin barrier up to twice as fast as alternatives, meaning less time spent in cones and bandages for your pet. It uses photobiomodulation (PBM), which is a low-level form of light therapy that uses non-ionizing forms of light sources in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Applied to the skin, fluorescent light energy reaches deeper skin layers to stimulate cell regeneration. One application affects multiple layers of the skin simultaneously.

Phovia requires no at-home treatment or maintenance in most cases! For more information, click here.