Pet Diagnostic Care in Overland Park, KS

Diagnostic Digital Radiographs

Wycliff Animal Clinic is committed to employing the most current technological advances in veterinary medicine. Because of this Wycliff Animal Clinic offers state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology to better serve you and your pet’s diagnostics needs. Digital X-ray imaging allows the staff at Wycliff to view results within minutes. This is a very important tool to have on our more critical patients.

With Digital imaging we are also able to share these results with specialists around the country, should the need arise. Making any delay in diagnosing almost nonexistent.

In House Diagnostic Blood Work

When your pet is ill you want results fast! At Wycliff Animal Clinic we pet diagnostic care in Overland Park. This allows the staff and the Doctor to see results in minutes not days. This is critical in diagnosing and managing our patients as quickly as possible.

Complete Blood Count

With our in-house complete blood count analyzer, we can determine many things about your pet, including whether he or she is dehydrated, anemic, or dealing with an infection.


The in-house chemistry analyzer measures specific enzymes and proteins in the blood giving a generalized idea of internal organ function such as kidney and liver function. This also gives us blood sugar levels and quantities of important electrolytes.