Pet Wellness Exam in Overland Park, KS

Wellness Exams and Preventative Care

The human-animal bond is strong and unbreakable and we at Wycliff Veterinary want to help you and your pet keep this bond for years to come. It is known that our pets age faster than we do. With this knowledge, the need for Semi-Annual exams is vital in the prevention and early detection of disease and ailments.

Immunization and prevention

We tailor our vaccine protocol to the individual needs and lifestyle of every pet. Our puppies and kittens have immature immune systems, and therefore it is vital that they have a series of boosters and a parasite prevention program. Please call for more information on the immunization and parasite prevention needs of your pet (913)888-2195.

Senior Wellness

Wycliff Veterinary understands the changing needs of aging pets, and our staff is dedicated to our clients and their pets to provide the continued support and care they need to live healthy active lives. Senior pets require increased attention, including more frequent visits to the veterinarian and diagnostic screenings.

Diagnostic Screenings

All pets should have annual blood screening, this helps in the early detection of disease and also gives your veterinarian a baseline of your pet’s overall health. Senior pets will require more frequent blood work and diagnostic screening depending on the condition and any changes in the health of your pet.